About Blackheart Pirates

Guide to Plundring

June 1, 2015 by Aceart

We are glad you have accepted an invitation to sign aboard and become a crew member of the Blackheart Pirates! ARRRR! This Guide to Plundering originally was a way for new members of the guild to learn about us and the do's and don'ts of life as a pirate. Now, however, it serves as our basic set of rules and an unofficial consitution. It is our hope that you find the answers to many of your questions here. If you don't, ask one of the officers. They are required to know this information, and will be happy to help you.

Article I - History
The Blackheart Pirates were originally formed in December 2001 on the Galahad Server in the game Dark Ages of Camelot. Led by Runefaust Blackheart, the BHP gained considerable favor there. In December, 2002 the Blackheart Pirates migrated to the server Gaheris. The Blackheart Pirates on Gaheris were one of the strongest guilds to ever be present in Dark Ages of Camelot.

In July, 2007, Tpar Geodotis, a Pirate Officer on Gaheris, sought and was granted permission by the Pirate Overlords to form a Blackheart Pirates crew in the game Lord of The Rings Online. With the assistance of Gopherit and Etymonia, the Blackheart Pirates were born there on July 1, 2007. The kinship grew there over the years and is a well known and liked kinship.

On September 1, 2012, Cpt. Nareshok Kigai was appointed to command of the Star Wars: The Old Republic chapter of the Blackheart Pirates. Cpt. Dartalion Kigai (his brother) relieved him and took command of the BHP chapter there on January 5, 2013 and remains in command.

By Admiralty orders, this chapter was formed on October 3, 2013. Cpt. Aceart Earthbender commands. The Blackheart Pirates mission is to offer our members a place to have fun, interact with friends and to meet new friends. The mission of this guild is not power leveling, high end gaming or massive raids. Those are fine, and the guild will indulge in those as we are able.

These are the voyages of the Blackheart Pirates. In all the silliness, we are a low-key, laid back and have fun kind of guild. Welcome aboard!

Article II - Government and Ranks
The commanding officer of the Blackheart Pirates is Captain Aceart Stormheart. He was appointed to command this priate crew on October 3, 2013. Cpt. Aceart has been an officer of the Blackheart Pirates since 2003, and has served the Blackheart Pirates in several other games before accepting this command. Various officers will be appointed from time to time. Promotion to the rank of officer is a privilege, not a right. Promotions are always based on merit.

The Blackheart Pirates are not and never will be a democracy. The Captain's word is absolute law. At best, the Blackheart Pirates should be considered a quasi-constitutional dictatorship. From time to time the Captain or his officers may ask the membership their opinion. However, the Captain has the final decision on all guild policies.

The Blackheart Pirates welcome players of all races, classes, play styles, levels, and play abilities. We do not discriminate (in game or out of game) based on race, gender, belief or on any other basis.

Article III - Guild Policies and Regulations
Guild Chat - The BHP prides itsself on not having too many rules. After all, many things discussed in guild chat are rather off-the-wall or over-the-top in the first place. But, we ask that all be courteous to your fellow crewmate. To that end, topics such as race, illegal drug use, religion and explicit sexual topics should be curtailed in guild chat. Before typing something, ask yourself, "could this be taken the wrong way?" NOTE: All other chat channels, with the exception of a group and/or a /tell, should be considered the same as guild chat. Pirates are expected to behave the same in public as they would in guild chat.

Public Behaviour - The BHP will not tolerate improper behaviour in public. If an action is not acceptable to guild mates, its ABSOLUTELY is not acceptable in any other public forum, wherever it may be. Any action by a crew member of whatever rank that reflects poorly on the guild may result in disciplinary action, including removal from the guild.

Powerleveling: While from time to time guild members may assist other members in leveling, it is inappropriate to ask in guild for a power level, and it is best to be offered a power level rather than to send someone a /tell asking for it. Remember, power leveling is a kindness done to you, and is not a right of any guild member.

Use of /ROLEPLAY vs. /ANON - The officers and crew of the BHP are proud of their membership in the Blackheart Pirates. Therefore, we will not use the /anon status when we are playing the game. If we wish to hide our class, level and location, we will use /roleplay, which accomplishes those goals, but shows the guild tag. An exception to this rule is if one is in East Commons Tunnel. An officer may ask that you take off /anon to verify your location.

Raid and Loot Policy - The document entitled Blackheart Pirates Loot Policy is considered to be a part of this Guide to Plundering, and is incorporated herein by reference.

The meaning of PIE: It has long been a tradition in the BHP that when guild discussion is too rowdy or an unsuitable topic is brought up, someone will begin a discussion of PIE. This is a clue that the direction of the conversation should be changed quickly and that the former conversation should be understood to be off-limits in guild chat. Keep in mind that it is frequently a guild officer that will bring up the subject of PIE and that they are doing so in order to avoid disciplinary action.

Server Rules and Policies: It should not be necessary to discuss it here, but ANY violation of the server's Terms of Service or Server Rules reflects badly upon the individual member and the guild as a whole. As a result, a violation of the TOS (including Real Money Trades) may be punished by summary removal. The guild reserves the right to also report removal to server staff.

Article IV - Bloodlust
From time to time, we hold a guild meeting called BLOODLUST. When Bloodlust is held, it is a mandatory meeting. This means that if you are online when the meeting is held, you will be expected to be present. If you are not present, you will be asked to show up once.. and may be disciplined shortly thereafter if you are not present.

Article V - Have Fun!